International Construction & Development Exhibition «Connect Construct Crimea» 2017

October 27—29

Exhibition Center ‘Connect Center’

Within the framework of the event, the ‘Forum of Russian Builders’, the ‘Business Contacts Exchange’, as well as the participation of foreign specialists from the construction sector in Europe and CIS countries will take place.

27—29 October, 2017 the largest exhibition site in Crimea will unite construction industry leaders from various continents, representatives of local, regional, federal, as well as foreign executive and legislative authorities, construction companies, design & architecture organizations, manufacturers and suppliers of construction and finishing materials, equipment, accessories, specialized equipment, innovative technologies, financial structures & instruments as well as potential investors.

The benefits of confirming your participation as a foreign entrepreneur or business representative:

  1. An effective tool for promoting your products in the Russian market at the largest exhibition center in the Republic of Crimea.
  2. Expansion of your financial interests through the negotiation and signing of beneficial contracts with new partners.
  3. A unique opportunity to attract investment as a regional or national developer, or to seek out new investment potential as a foreign investor.

Official Greetings

Business Program

27 October: Building Forum

Moderator of the first day of the exhibition – Yuri Viktorovich Pavlenkov

Member of the Advisory Council of the Working Group on Forming Legislative Initiatives and Supporting Entrepreneurship under the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, the committees of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on Entrepreneurship in the Real Estate and Housing Economy, the Branch Office for Energy Saving Technologies in the Area of Housing and Communal Services and the Construction of Delovaya Rossiya

10:00 – 12:30

Developers Section

  • Problems and prospects for the development of construction and finishing materials
  • Prospects for import substitution in the field of building materials: Developer opinions & pros and cons
  • New architectural projects and solutions in residential construction. Are new aesthetics possible in the construction of panel housing?
  • Trends and prospects for the construction of housing in Russia

Bernd Hiller

General Director, 'GFK' Ltd.

Theme: Modern geodetic instruments and technologies in capital construction, architecture and town planning.

13:00 – 16:00

Government Section

  • Government plans for the implementation of the ‘Federal Target Program’ in the Republic of Crimea
  • Installation meeting of the Technical Committee for Standardization 144 “Construction materials (products) and structures”
  • New investment projects to be implemented in the Republic of Crimea in 2017 — 2018

Confirmed Participants:

  • Chairman of the Committee of the Civil Service for Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Crimea — Leonid Babashov
  • Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea — Andrey Melnikov
  • Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea — Vladimir Yasinskiy

Aleksandr Moor

Head of the Russian Center for National Construction Policy

Theme: Counteracting corruption as an instrument for the development of the state’s economy.

28 October: Business Contacts Exchange

In the “Business Contact Center” business forum hall, corporate representative offices and state structures will be located, with which by prior appointment it will be possible to conduct negotiations about partnerships and various levels of cooperation.


Currently, Simferopol airport takes 5th place among Russian airports by number of passengers served, with more than 5.2 million passengers in 2016.
In May 2016, construction began on a new air terminal complex and additional service buildings, covering an area of ​​more than 78 thousand m2, and designed for a capacity of 7 million passengers per year with the possibility of further expansion to 10 million passengers.
The total cost of work is estimated at 32 billion Rubles. The construction is planned to be completed by the 2018 summer tourist season. Completion of the airport is also synchronised with the renovation and operation of a new runway (reconstruction of the existing runway with lengthening and creation of new steering tracks).

The ‘Monolit’ Group of Companies is one of the leading builders in the Crimean peninsula. ‘Monolit’ is constantly building in Crimea, realizing urban projects in the fields of residential, recreational, commercial and social construction since 2005. The company’s assets are a group of companies that provide a full range of services for design, production, sales and marketing, public services, building security and transport.

The largest home building and materials centers in Crimea. To date, the «Повацентр» (Nova Center) network is represented by 3 supermarkets in the cities of Simferopol and Sevastopol, with a total floor sales area of more than 61,800 sq.m. Their staff is comprised of more than 1300 specialists.

Perspektiva — a group of companies focused on the construction of resort real estate in Crimea. The company’s projects are residential complexes located in the most picturesque locations of the peninsula.

The regional group of companies ‘Parangon’ has been operating in Sevastopol for 11 years and is one of the largest companies in the region. The main direction of their activity is construction and investment projects. Over the period of their operations, more than 20 different residential and recreational complexes have been commissioned. Since the company was founded, the company has invested more than 3 000 000 000 Rubles in the city’s tourist industry.

Lipetskstroy’ group of companies was founded in 1931 and is one of the largest construction companies in the Lipetsk region. The founder of the construction business of the region. The group of companies has been operating in the construction industry for more than 80 years.

Sevastopolstroy is comprised of the two largest developers in Sevastopol — ‘Sevastopolstroy’ Ltd. and ‘Sevzhilstroy’ Ltd., which are the leaders in the real estate market in Sevastopol and Crimea since 1944.

Investment & development company ‘Riviera Development’ launched its activity in 2012 with the idea of creating modern construction projects. Their first completed development was the ‘Vorontsovsky Club Residence’, which was commissioned in late 2013.

The group of companies ‘Greenwood’ is a financial and construction holding company, with primary business activities focusing on the implementation of projects in the field of residential real estate. We know how to design, build, manage and sell.

The primary goal of the enterprise is to establish the reliable organization and supply of construction materials through the ports and railway stations of Crimea, the uninterrupted provision of specific federal target programs, the functioning of construction organizations, the maintenance of material resources stock (building materials and equipment) at a standard pricing levels, while maintaining the proper level of quality, quantity, terms of delivery and payment system for materials.

‘Domostroy 2000’ Ltd.

‘Domostroy 2000’ Ltd. efficiently masters a variety of construction technologies. Their advantage is the offering of high-quality of services and completion of that work or projects in short period of time!

‘Holding Partner’

“Mezhozerye” is a development project being built as a tourist and recreational cluster located on the territory of the Crimean city of Feodosiya. The project consists of a complex of various functional elements that combine all the necessary recreational and holiday infrastructure. Investment volume: 22 174 million Rubles.

29 October: Expert Speakers

The experts section is held in the ‘Business Contact Center’ hall, where representatives of the construction industry, architects and investors from various countries will take part.

Juan Alvarez

«CCArquitectos» Spain, Netherlands

Theme: Innovative solutions for construction, a sustainable model of long-term profitable investment.

Elena Ponomarenko

«Vitta Group» Russia

Theme: New solutions in the design and architecture of the Crimea.

To be announced

Theme: To be announced

October 28 at 14:00

500 Litres of gasoline from the ATAN!


'Connect Center' Exhibition Center Simferopol, Republic of Crimea 20 Obezdnaya Doroga Yalta-Evpatoriya

Expo Themes

Construction, Finishing Materials & Equipment
  • Concrete and Reinforced Concrete, Monolithic Structures & Reinforcement
  • Building Chemistry, Wall & Floor Coverings
  • Brick, Ceramic and Paving Slabs & Artificial and Natural Stone
  • Metal Structures, Framing, Structural Facade Systems & Roofing Materials
  • Accessories, Windows, Doors, Locks, Gate Systems & Automation
Engineering & Communication Systems
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Water Treatment & Sewage Systems
  • Energy Supply, Heat Supply, Gas Supply, Water Supply & Waterproofing
  • Building Automation Systems & Building Servicesе
Building and Design of Housing Structures & Architecture and Design
  • Industrial & Housing Construction
  • Prefabricated Structures
  • High-rise, Low-rise & Cottage Construction
  • Reparation, Reconstruction & Design
  • Landscaping & Interior Design
Design, Construction and Equipment for Sports Facilities & Children’s Playgrounds
  • Building of Permanent and Metal Framed Constructions
  • Athletic and health complex
  • Construction, Reconstruction and Outfitting of Sport and Fitness Facilities, Playgrounds and Stadiums for Various Sports
Specialized Construction Equipment, Machinery & Mechanisms
Innovative Materials & Technologies
  • IT Technologies
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Biotechnology in Construction
Lighting & Electrical Equipment
  • Electrotechnical Products & Electrical Engineering
  • Power Supply & Equipment
  • Instruments for Monitoring & Measuring Energy Resources
  • Energy-Saving Designs, Equipment, Technologies & Materials
  • Energy-Efficient Technologies & Materials
  • Lighting Products & Alternative Energy sources
Integrated Building Security Systems & Automation
  • Video Surveillance
  • Engineering & Technical Methods of Ensuring Safety
  • Fire Protection & Safety Systems
  • Information Security


Heads and specialists of enterprises and institutions interested in acquiring innovative methods, developments and equipment, as well as goods and services, professionals and experts in the construction industry, representatives of related areas of wholesale and retail trade, retailers, construction contractors, architects, designers, governments authorities and public organizations, representatives of financial institutions and investors, representatives of construction, development and business media, major suppliers, distributors and dealers.


Construction industry leaders from various countries, manufacturers and suppliers of construction and finishing materials, equipment & accessories and specialized equipment.

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‘Connect Crimea’ Past Successes

In June 2017, our teams efforts successfully launched the international real estate exhibition 'Connect Invest Crimea' 2017.

More than 300 specialists from the real estate market from all over the country and neighbouring countries took part in the exhibition, roughly 40 of the largest developers from Crimea, Krasnodar and St. Petersburg presented their recent projects. In addition, architects from Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada and France, as well as representatives from local, regional, federal and foreign executive and legislative authorities, construction companies, design organizations, manufacturers of processing equipment, material suppliers, financial structures and potential investors all took part. The success of such an event was widely expressed by the events participants and exhibition visitors. Read more

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